Permanent Terms of Business

1. Services

About Recruitment’s placement fees are for locating, interviewing, screening and pre-selecting candidates.  Collaborative advertising (point 3 below), retained services (point 9), fees for services (point 10) and flexibility of fee structures (point 16) are also available.

2. Highest Standards

All required interviewing, screening and pre-selecting is carried out to ensure that Candidates presented meet the highest standards of skill and integrity.

3. Advertising

Advertising agreed to by the Client will be paid for in full by the Client. About Recruitment, in collaboration with our Client, plan and execute appropriate advertising campaigns to attract quality candidates.

4. Placement within twelve (12) months

Placement within twelve (12) months after referral date of any Candidate presented by About Recruitment to the client company, its subsidiaries, affiliated or related companies are subject to our agreed fees.

5. Confidentiality

Candidate introductions are always completely confidential.  Candidate details are presented in trust.  Under no circumstances are Clients to contact Candidate directly or indirectly, their present or previous employers or disclose any information to another party without the written consent of About Recruitment.

All Candidate information is classified as confidential, as per the Privacy Act of 1988, and must be suitably disposed of by the Client once the successful candidate has been chosen.

6. Guarantee Period

About Recruitment guarantees its recruitment services from the date of commencement of employment for the period elected by your organisation as per our fee structure clause 15 below, more details available from your Consultant.

7. Exclusive Rates

Exclusive Rates, when selected, apply to all Candidates presented or interviewed irrespective of the Candidate’s origins.  Selecting exclusive rates ensures optimisation of the fee structure.

8. Introductions

Candidates, introduced by About Recruitment then identified on a Client’s database and not actively contacted directly by the Client for a period are managed in the same manner as any other newly introduced or referred Candidate and About Recruitment’s fees apply.

9. Retained Services

Retained services ensure dedicated commitment and payable in three (3) equal instalments.

10. Fees for Services

Fees for Services are negotiable and calculated on hourly and/or fixed rates. About Recruitment’s services include application, skills or psychometric testing, Letters of Offer, contracting or clearance documentation, outplacement services, OH&S training and management training.

11. Payment Terms

The placement fee is payable regardless of any situation or event arising after the commencement date.  If a replacement for the original Candidate is required during the guarantee period, About Recruitment offers one (1) replacement free of charge. 

Detailed payment terms available.

Notification in writing to be given to About Recruitment of the Client’s intention to call upon About Recruitment’s guarantee within two (2) weeks of termination and the replacement is selected within three (3) months from date of notification.

12. Total Remuneration Package

Our fee is calculated on the total remuneration package (based on a full time position), which includes superannuation, car, expected commission, bonuses and any other benefits payable to or on behalf of the successful candidate.  Motor vehicles provided are valued at an agreed level.

13. Legislation

About Recruitment reserves the right to pass on additional costs resulting from state or federal legislation.

These Terms of Business become effective upon engagement of our services.  If a term is held by a Court to be illegal or unenforceable, that term will be severed from all other terms without affecting the validity or enforceability of all other terms.

14. GST

GST is added to all invoices.

15. Fee Structure

We offer a unique variable fee structure to suit the role, your business and your current requirements.






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