Resume Writing Tips

Be Honest, you are providing information to a prospective employer that may be verified in the future.

Be Consistent, make sure your online profiles in Linkedin etc. match your resume

The Order, include all the important aspects of your career and experience which are relevant to the new role as early as possible.  Many reviewers do not go beyond that first page, “Do you have the right qualifications, skills, experience…?”  Emphasize without going overboard the key points relating to the new role.  Do you want to show that you have experience in a chronological way or do you want to demonstrate your experience in a functional manner?

Layout, think about how your work of art appears to the reader when printed on a colour or black and white printer or viewed online.  Big blobs of black or colour may look great on your monitor, however think for a moment about all that additional ink that may be unnecessarily consumed each time your resume is printed.  If you are applying for a Graphic Artist role then your resume should represent that image as with any other type of position.  If you are seeking third party assistance to polish your resume, make sure they understand the image you want to portray.  Use fonts, bullets and headings consistently.   Sample resume templates may make you look like the other ten candidates that applied, your layout should have your flair.

Short and sharp is better than long and verbose.

Proofread and Soundboard, grammar and spelling, check, check and then check again.

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